Live concert experience

I haven’t experience watching big concerts in my whole life which I really regret; I should have done it while I was still young and physically able. I only manage to watch small musical plays in nearby places. That’s why even at a young age, I allow my daughter to join her friends in watching concerts. Since she’s musically inclined, she can really appreciate the sound of music. One time she mentioned about Ableton Live, I thought it was the name of a band or the title of the concert but she told me it’s not. She asked me to check to more about it. Well, I learned that it is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation used by DJs and musicians worldwide. lol.… Read More..

The rich and the broke people

Yes it’s true because I have some friends who are like that. One of them a couple who always live beyond their means so they can’t get out of debt. They are already broke by they are living like rich people. I hope they’ll learn their lesson before it’s too late.