Sing a duet with a musical gloves

If you love to sing, here’s something new for you! – a pair of musical gloves that can sing a duet with you. Scientists designed the gloves which manipulate computerised sound to mimic the human voice. Hand gestures replicate the movements of real vocal chords, allowing the gloves to produce a complex range of sounds, said Sidney Fels, a researcher at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, who led their development.

But there’s one problem, Fels says it takes about 100 hours to learn how to play them. Here’s how it works:

The right-hand glove contains motion sensors that detect the opening and closing of the wearer’s hand. An open hand mimics the opening of the vocal tract, producing vowels, while a closed… Read More..

Doing well

My son is doing well in his guitar lesson. He already learned how to strum the guitar strings and read guitar chords. Every time he finishes one session he would always show me what he had learned. He is really a fast learner.

I believe that in the near future he will also join her sister in our church music team and serve God through the music ministry. And as proud parents we are very supportive of our kids.

Likewise his best friend is also doing in in his saxophone lesson, his mother even asked me to help her find baritone saxophone reeds. Good thing it is available online so i just gave her the link of the music online store i used to… Read More..