QSC KW153 Active Loudspeaker

Getting out the best of your musical instrument requires a good amplifier and speaker according to music enthusiasts. I found it to be true after I heard the music using the qsc kw153 Active Loudspeaker. Its difference from the sound of having good quality speaker and ordinary speaker is very obvious. So when you’re planning to buy a new loud speaker, consider the QSC KW153 Active Loudspeaker 1000 Watt 15 Inch 3 Way and add it in your list.… Read More..

The Hub’s Guitar Buying Guides

Planning to buy a new electric or acoustic guitar? It’s really hard to choose which one among the best brands of guitar if you are new or starting to play a guitar. When I was looking for sg guitar body, I really have no idea on how to choose which one to buy. But with the help of The Hub’s exclusive Buying Guides I was be able to choose the right sg body guitar to match my budget. So if you need help check out their website now.… Read More..