Why a client may prefer a corporate ecard

When trying to extol the value of corporate ecards to a business there tends to be a focus on the time and money saving aspect. It makes sense as this is one of the biggest reasons to send ecards over traditional greeting cards; as it saves on materials and the logistics cost that allows money and time to be spent more wisely in the hectic festive season. However, it is often overlooked just how much happier clients are for receiving ecards than traditional greetings, due to the following reasons:

Confirming eco-friendly commitment

There is no doubting that the environmental cost of their actions is at the forefront of many business leaders’ minds in terms of the financial and reputation implications. That’s why sending traditional… Read More..

Save mindlessly. Spend consciously.

The malls at this point in time are full of shoppers. You will see people from different walks of life busy scouring the bundle of clothes, shoes, bags, etc. on sale just to find the cheapest items to buy. Before i was also one of them, i go to the mall and look for items on sale. But when i realized that i’m also spending too much and i don’t really get big savings i started to change my habit. In order to save is really to spend only on important things and not buying discounted items that are not really important.