Make money online with ClickAdPays

ClickAdPays is an online marketing business on which  members can advertise their referral links for 3rd party businesses for which they also offer a profit return on each Ad Credit Pack purchased.

Members will receive business directory credits for each Ad Credit Pack that they purchase. Members can use these business directory credits to promote their business or referral link. The Ad Credit Pack start at $10.00 with $5 for each pack. Members may Purchase Maximum 6,000 Or 12,000 Ad Credit Pack per account.

How does ClickAdPays work?

1.This is a very simple method the first you register useing the referral link-

2) Go to ‘Finance’ tab and click ‘add funds’. Deposit no less than $10.

3) Go to ‘Finance’ tab and click ‘Purchase… Read More..

Make money online using Facebook

Everytime i open my Facebook account, i always see a lot of advertisements about how to earn money using Facebook. Some of them even show their proof of income. But still i wonder if they are really true. Because i do need an extra income, i’m quite tempted to try it. Anyway, i think i need to do more research first before i take the “plunge.”… Read More..