Starting over again

Hope this article will encourage you to start over again financially as the new year starts. 🙂

Beginning Again Financially

Have you ever wished you could begin again financially?

I once heard a sermon by a noted pastor in which he read a poem called The Land of Beginning Again. The pastor then presented the claims of Christ, explaining that He is King in the Land of Beginning Again. Each of us has experienced his share of errors, failures, and missed opportunities. We all have things that we would do differently if given a second chance. What wonderful news to know that, in Christ, the slate is wiped clean and we do have the opportunity of beginning again.

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Lucky Gemstones in the Year of the Yang Wood Horse

Perhaps the Year of the Wooden Horse is not your lucky year based on your Astrology forecasts. Don’t worry, there are ways to attract good fortune like using lucky gemstones. Personally I don’t believe in these, but i’d like to share it anyway. Gems, crystals and minerals can help channel mystic energies and vibrations to attract good fortune, love, health, and money. Lucky stones this year include moonstone, jade, topaz, alexandrite, rose quartz, pyrite and amethyst. The precious metal silver is also fortunate. Read more here.… Read More..