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  1. Hello

    I work for Discover Media and we currently represent an online casino interested in working with you, or the administrator of your website, for the purpose of advertising. Specifically, we are looking to advertise on websites willing to enter into a minimum obligation of one year.

    We would be excited to discuss one or more of these strategies with you:

    Option 1
    Paying you $100 for an article to stay live on your site for 12 months, containing a link to the client’s site.
    This would:
    · Be short (300-400 words).
    · Contain a link to the client’s online casino site.
    · Tailored to fit in with your site and audience. (For example recently we have worked with many fashion sites on pieces such as ‘what to wear on a night out at the casino’, or technology sites reviewing the ‘best mobile phone for gaming of 2013’)

    Option 2
    Paying you $100 for banner advertising for a 12 month period, this would be a:
    · Home page, sidebar only, etc.
    · Small 125X125 image

    Option 3
    Paying you $100 to place an infographic on your site titled ‘The history of gaming’ or ‘The rise in mobile gaming’

    If you are interested or desire more information please reply to with any questions.



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