Biblical thoughts on money

Because you have been trustworthy…

Luke 19:17

Money will buy you a bed but not sleep, books but not brains, food but not an appetite, a house but not a home, medicine but not health, luxuries but not happiness, image but not character, and religion but not salvation. You say, ‘Does that mean God doesn’t want me to have money?’ No, He will actually trust you with more money when you demonstrate that your trust is not in your money, but in Him alone (1Timothy 6:17). The Bible teaches three things about money:

1) When you become a good steward of what you have, God will entrust you with more. ‘… Then he sent for the servants to whom he had given the money, in order to find out what they had gained with it. The first one came and said, ‘… Sir, your mina has earned ten more.’ ‘Well done, my good servant!… ‘ his master replied. ‘… Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities” (Luke 19:15-17 ).

2) When your focus is on serving others, God will entrust you with more. When Job took the focus off himself and began to pray for others, ‘… The Lord… gave him twice as much as he had before’ (Job 42:10).

3) When you can walk away from material things to do God’s will, God will entrust you with more. Abraham left the security of his home to fulfil God’s plan, and he ended up one of the world’s wealthiest men. On the other hand, the rich young ruler said no to following Christ because the cost was too high (Mark 10:17-22). You ask, ‘What was the cost?’ Everything!

Thanks, The Vine