Vox Valvetronix amplifier

Are you looking for the best guitar amplifier? Why not consider the Vox Valvetronix line of amplifiers,it is one of the earliest innovators and most iconic brands of amplifier on the market.Vox amps gained popularity not long after they were first introduced in Britain, with the AC15 model appearing in 1958, followed, a year or so later, the AC30. They are noted for their clean, sparkling highs and warm, creamy overdriven tones, the all-tube amps, especially the AC30, became a favorite of just about every English band from the British Invasion onward. Its popularity soon spread around the world, and the AC30 can be heard on countless hits from everyone from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Queen, U2 and REM. If you want to know more info check out musiciansfriend.com site and Mail your order today!