Why a client may prefer a corporate ecard

When trying to extol the value of corporate ecards to a business there tends to be a focus on the time and money saving aspect. It makes sense as this is one of the biggest reasons to send ecards over traditional greeting cards; as it saves on materials and the logistics cost that allows money and time to be spent more wisely in the hectic festive season. However, it is often overlooked just how much happier clients are for receiving ecards than traditional greetings, due to the following reasons:

Confirming eco-friendly commitment

There is no doubting that the environmental cost of their actions is at the forefront of many business leaders’ minds in terms of the financial and reputation implications. That’s why sending traditional greeting cards to clients and potential customers can leave a sour taste in their mouth; as they look to reduce their paper use and then your latest card flops on their doormat. A lack of consideration in reducing your carbon emissions in this way can have an effect on how your business is perceived by others and paint you in a poor light.

Ability to pass it on 

In the global business marketplace you may deal with one branch of a organisation regularly, but behind the scenes they’ll be a lot more of people working on your account in locations around the world that you are unaware of. If you manage to pitch your ecard just right to individual customers then they may wish to pass it on to other members of the team and an ecard makes this as easy as forwarding on an email to their colleagues to share the greeting is simple. Better still, if they know of someone that requires a service like yours they can simply email it on to give you access to a new customer without doing any work.

Less clutter

Before ecards came along every business used to send out traditional cards to each and every client during the festive season. The mind boggles at how much this sudden influx and outgoing of cards impacted on the mail process in businesses across the globe. It is likely that this stopped vital correspondence being noticed everyday as businesses got sick of trawling through the post looking for important letters in the mountain of greetings cards piling up. The beauty of ecards, like those at eco2greetings.com, is that with one click they are open, then they can be deleted or saved without causing clutter and wasting paper.