iDJ3 Complete Digital DJ System

If you’re a DJ and you’re always on the go with gigs left and right because you’re really sooo in demand? 🙂 Here’s good news for you if haven’t heard about iDJ3 Complete Digital DJ System. Technology continues to make everything more convenient and efficient for you. If you’re still carrying heavy crates full of records and large turntables, it’s time for you to consider the iDJ3. It is a complete packaged system featuring two large, touch-sensitive turntables that allow you to control two virtual decks, an integrated iPod dock for loading your music or recording your mixes.

The idj3 comes with Virtual DJ LE software which you can load up to your computer so you can work on scratching, looping, and creating great mixes at home or attaching to your laptop for properly energizing any kind of crowd. Besides all the professional features, the iDJ3 also has all the inputs and outputs you need to connect your headphones, speakers, and a mic. Isn’t that amazing? You better check this out now!