A blessing in disguise

I went to the mall yesterday to look for cheap outdoor cushions, while walking around i suddenly remember my husband’s wish this coming Christmas. He really wanted to buy a new basketball shoes. So i told him and then we went to the men’s shoes section to look for new arrival shoes. He saw a Kobe Nike shoes priced at 3,995 pesos. We were about to buy it however i left my other wallet at home where i keep my¬†credit card so i wasn’t able to buy it.

Last night while surfing the net, i stumble a Nike factory outlet that sells basketball shoes at discounted prices and there we saw the shoes that we are about to buy in the mall. It is lower by 1,000 pesos. That’s a big savings. So it’s a blessing in disguise that i left my wallet. And from this experience we’ve learned that it really pays that you do some bargain hunting first before deciding to purchase your desired item.