From employee to big time businessman

We attended a financial management seminar in our Church the other night. It was very informative and inspiring. The speaker shared to us his own experiences and practical tips on how we could grow our money and how to dream big. He was also an employee in the past and he worked in the corporate world for 25 years. Though he had a good position in the company and earning a salary for three persons, still he made a decision to leave the company and put up his own business.

What he emphasized was that we should set a goal and try to accomplish that goal. Look for ways to have a passive income which will give the kind of life we are all dreaming of. A source of income where we can be able to live life to the fullest (materially and spiritually) and at the same time to become a blessing to others.

Since we are starting a new business, the seminar is really a big help for us to continue with what we have started and bring it to a higher level. I hope ┬álike him I’ll be able to do it before i reach my 25 years in the corporate world.