Aspiring to become an entrepreneur mom

These past days i spent most of my time reading and searching for articles and various materials that could help me in my new project. I’m referring to my plan of putting up a new business. It has been my long time dream to become an entrepreneur and this year i really want to pursue it.

My parents are into trading and repacking business for more than a decade now and i have seen how from a small beginning they have become a successful businessman and woman. And i would like to follow their footsteps, i don’t want to remain an employee up to my retirement age. My goal is to retire early and to have a successful business where i can help many people in need and to be a channel of blessing to others and to our Church.

I’m planning to continue what my parents have started since their business and products are already established and known in the market. I’d like to improve their peanut butter production so we could also penetrate the big supermarkets nationwide. Also if possible i’d like to try the printing business since we need labels for our products and at the same time we could also offer the services to other customers. I came across Web To Print the other day, it’s a¬†powerful suite of software tools designed to enhance all aspects of printing business. I’m thankful that we have the internet because through it life has become very convenient and more productive.