A fruitful future

The year 2012 is over and we’re now all looking forward to a better new year. To some of us aiming for a better future is not really difficult at all because we have jobs or businesses that we count always count on. But to those who do not have permanent source of income and to those who experienced difficulties from calamities, it looks like having a better future is like passing through a needle’s hole. Just like those victims of super typhoon in Mindanao, most of them are still struggling up to now. Many of them have no shelter, no food and water, with only few clothes to wear. Many children cannot go back to school because their school buildings were either washed away by flood or became an evacuation shelter. They have no classroom desk, no blackboards to write on and no roof to shield and protect them from the heat of the sun. But our people, no matter what happened, are always full of faith and hope, always have the courage and enthusiasm to move on and start a new life.

According to news reports recently, our country is one of the best place to do business this year. I hope that means a better and more fruitful future is awaiting us.