Wire Ties and their Many Creative Uses

Did you know that wire ties have a lot of uses? Wire ties are also called as cable ties, zip straps, zip ties, rat belts and quick draws. Because wire ties are so flexible, they are utilized in countless applications. Wire ties are excellent for electrical cables arrangement. It makes wiring and cable installations clean and well-organized.

Other uses of wire ties are for construction jobs, arts projects, and a temporary handcuffs by the law enforcers. The flexible and inexpensive wire ties are also used in different purposes like these:

A dress made of some wire ties.

Sea-Urchin Chair

A hanging chair

Zip Tie Massimal

A life-size bear

Isn’t that cool? ^_^

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  1. I am glad to see that…. Thanks for this beautiful design for cable ties….Its nice futures …Its cable ties is strong gripping for wires and where you need…
    Thanks for this…

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