Caring for musical instruments

My daughter has a talent in playing music instruments. She already learned how to play the Keyboard and she’s now one of the keyboardist in our Church Music Team. Right now she’s studying guitar lessons.

I told my daughter that she should take good care of her musical instruments if she wants them to perform well. Although her instruments are not as expensive as the grand piano, violin, Epiphone Casino guitar, still she should give proper care to them.

If  you investment a lot of money purchasing high quality musical instruments,  it is important to know how to properly clean and care for them. They can last for many years and will continue to produce a high quality sound if they are well taken cared of.

My father has an antique guitar and when i was young and until now that i’m already married i can see how he cared for it. Once a year he applies coatings such as varnish and lacquer to protect it. He always hold his guitar delicately.

If you want to save money from musical instruments, protect and take good care of them. You will be able to hand it down from generation to generation.