Looking for cheap XBOX 360

My brother is very eager to buy an XBOX 360 so he could play Gears of War 3. Since I’m always in front of computer and surf the net most of the time he requested me if I could help him find a cheap XBOX 360 online.

I wonder why he’s so interested with it so i gather some gears of war 3 info. Gears of War 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is the spectacular conclusion to one of the most memorable and celebrated sagas in video games. Published and released by Microsoft Studios on September 20, 2011. The story was written by science fiction author Karen Traviss, who has authored four Gearsnovels and is working on the next one. Gears of War 3 plunges you into a harrowing tale of hope, survival, and brotherhood. Sounds interesting?