Get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2011 Sales

Are you excited for this year’s Black Friday sales? Well, there’s no doubt if you are because it is the most anticipated time for many shoppers. As for me since I’m living outside USA I’m looking forward to Cyber Monday. It is the opportunity for online shoppers to avail of big discounts from big online stores in US like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and more.

Aside from gadgets like netbook, iphone, psp 3, I would like to buy some beauty items like eyelash enhancer, Sebastian hair cellophane which I’ve been looking for in some department stores here but it’s always out of stock or not available.

However, though I have the means to purchase those items online, the problem is the shipping of items here in our country. Hope I can find a friend who would accept the items in my behalf and bring them when they travel here in our country.

How about you? are you all set for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales? Take time to do some research on promos and discounts to avail of big savings.