Practical advantage of motorcycle

We’ve already decided to use motorcycle as our service vehicle so last week we already bought a new motorcycle. I was really hesitant at first because of the risk or danger of riding a motorcycle since it doesn’t give the same protection as riding a car. But because of the continuous increase in fuel cost we already took the courage to use motorcycle. Anyway it’s truly up to the person driving, if he is careful enough then accidents can be minimized.

Using a motorcycle is really a great advantage to us, we do not only save money from gas, it makes our travel time easy as well. To make it more efficient, we bought one of the latest model of Yamaha which is loaded with great motorcycle console.

How was my experience? Well, I was really nervous the first time we road test our motorcycle inside our village because it was my first time to ride but later on i was calmed down. Then last night i was nervous again, first time i rode the motorcycle at long distance traveling but i just prayed hard and thank God we arrived home safely.