Need more financial blessings

Two months ago our house undergoes a little renovation. Some parts of the house have to be relocated like the windows and door. Because of those changes we have a little difficulty in arranging our furnitures. Like in the case of our TV, its rack is now located far from the window so we added more length to the tv cables to be able to connect the TV and antenna outside the house. The sight of exposed cable is not pleasant so we’re just thinking if there’s a wireless antenna that we could use as a substitute.

Aside from that, we also need to replace some of our old furnitures especially our sofa which is already worn out. The house also needs repainting. This means I need to work harder now to earn more so we could buy all the things we need. Well, I hope there are advertisers out there who’ll be interested in placing ads on my blogs. Or I will get more writing assignments. Good luck to me. ^_^