Custom life insurance

Getting a term life insurance nowadays is not difficult as you think. Why? Because I learned that even smokers can now avail of term life insurance. Yes, you heard it right. I discover Wholesale, they offer affordable term life insurance even the smokers term life insurance.

In the past, it’s not easy to acquire life insurance because of the strict policy on health and medical condition of a person. A smoker may not be able to get life insurance easily because of health issues. But that is not the case anymore, there are certain insurer’s who offer custom designed policy for such people with pre-existing condition.¬†Yes, there’s a big difference in the insurance cost. Like for instance, the smokers term life insurance rates will always be higher than term life insurance rates for non-smokers. But, you may still find companies that will not ask you to pay exorbitant rates for your smoker term life insurance policy because in some companies you may even qualify for non-smoker rates.