Save for a rainy day

“Save for a rainy day” that’s what my parents taught me when I was young. Because I’m still young I didn’t exactly understand what he meant by “rainy day”, but I do now. We’ve faced emergency situations in our family and experienced some difficulties because we do not have extra money or savings. Since then I realized the value of saving.

Saving for me is spending money wisely and at the same time, finding ways on how not to spend money at all on things I can do on my own. Like before we used to pay for the laundry but now that we want to save we’ve decided to do the laundry on our own.

Before I used to buy different beauty products but now I switched to making my own beauty skin care from natural ingredients. Just like last month I only searched for how to get rid of pimples naturally over the internet and guess what? i managed to get and prepare a recipe that effectively removed my pimple using fruits and vegetables we have in our kitchen.

There are many ways on how we can save money, all we need is to follow them and of course we need to discipline ourselves in spending so we can be able to manage our finances wisely.