In Need of Barcode Scanner for New Business

My friend is planning to put up a grocery business and she’s now in the stage of acquiring all the necessary permits and supplies for her business. She asked me to help her find a cheap but good quality barcode scanner. I told her she can find great deals on several online stores.

Choosing a barcode scanner is not really hard if she knows what she’s looking for. So I told her it is important to understand first what her business will require in a barcode scanner. Once she understands her business’s needs then she will be able to choose the best barcode scanner for her business.

There are two major types of barcode scanners: the image-based and laser-based. An image-based barcode scanner, has a camera that is used to scan the barcodes. The scanner processes the captured image using complex image techniques and decodes the barcodes. A laser-based barcode scanner on the other hand, has mirrors and lenses in it for reading the barcodes.