Effects of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Lately i’m busy not with writing articles and blog post but in browsing pictures from FB. It started after our PMC EB then now with our Company summer outing. I spend time looking at the photos and commenting on them. However i’m not pleased with my photos, that’s because as i look at my pictures there’s one thing i noticed in most of them- wrinkles  and body fats! I cannot deny that i’m really getting older and i think it is about time that i should do something to slow down this signs of aging.

Yesterday i find myself reading hgh reviews because i would like to try hgh supplements. I read that the use of synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) or hgh supplements promote the body’s manufacture of growth hormones, which contribute to the body’s building process, that is repair and building of your tissues and cells.  Aside from the anti-aging benefits it can give, it can also help you lose weight by improving the metabolism of your body, treat serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis and heart failure.

If there are good benefits of hgh,  there are also some side effects that we should be aware of. Some of these are:

— Acromegaly (overgrowth of facial bone and connective tissue, abnormal growth of the body)
— Premature death (in case of acromegaly)
— Heart enlargement (due to prolonged use of HGH, can’t be reversed)
— Low blood sugar with risk of going into a diabetic coma
— Excessive hair growth all over the body
— Excessive water retention
— Liver damage
— Thyroid damage

Hgh reviews will help you know more about the good and bad side of using hgh supplements, sprays or injectables so be sure to read them first to get more information and to help you in your decision if you intend to buy hgh products.