My EB experience

Last Sunday I had a great time bonding with other mom bloggers. It was very memorable for me because I was able to meet my long time online friends and meet new friends as well. My first time also to join an EB (eye ball) event so i had mixed feelings. But in the end, i’m so happy and grateful we had this opportunity to know each other.

Anyway, i just want to share my unforgettable experience that day. During the event, we were given name tags to wear so we could easily identify and get to know each person. After the event my husband and i was in a hurry to go home because it was late already. Little did I know that I did not remove my name tag I only noticed that I’m still wearing it when I’m already inside the I’m glad I have long hair and somehow it hides the name tag. However, I’m sure if there were people who have seen it while I was walking the isle, that’s really an embarrassing experience.