Our Great Provider

Last month I learned from our Pastor’s wife how God continue to shower them with so many blessings. Since they are church workers they do not receive ample money , sp when they decided to stay in our hometown they simply trust God that they will be provided with all their needs. And so God gave them a new house, a friend of them sold a fully furnished house to them at very low down payment and low monthly amortization. Next, for almost 6 months they’ve been praying to have a car since they really need it. With all the activities and engagements they have almost everyday it’s necessary for them to have their own vehicle and guess what? Another friend also sold her car to them without any terms and condition. If they have money to pay for the car then that’s the only time they will give payment. Isn’t that great?

When they got the car they were so excited. They brought it to the auto detailing shop and are now planning to have the car insured. I told them it’s now easy to find cheap car insurance because of market competition. I suggest that they request for quotations from different insurance companies and compare the price and policies, in this way they can select the best deals on car insurance.

Looking at the blessings our pastor and his family are receiving it only shows that if we are faithful in serving and giving to God, we will be amazed at how He will bless us. All we have to do is to ask Him and have faith that God will provide everything we need according to His will.