Celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending too much

It’s Valentine’s Day today and as expected people from all walks of life are spending time today to celebrate this special day. Some even celebrated their Valentine’s Day yesterday because it’s Sunday and most families either went to the park or to the malls. I really like the idea of celebrating this special day in the park with the whole family. So next year we might bring our Big Agnes tents and have our picnic there. I’m sure my kids will surely enjoy playing in the park. We haven’t done this before since leisure parks are far from our place. But now that we have our own car we can easily travel to places where we like to visit. What’s good also about going to the park is you don’t have to spend a lot to celebrate the occasion since parks are free and you can bring your cook food which is cheaper than buying from fastfoods or restaurants.

Well, i hope you’re all enjoying your time today with your loved ones. Happy heart’s day!