Different Kinds of Protective Clothing

When we say protective clothing, it does not just protect the torso. We have different kinds of protective clothing and it will be briefly discussed in this article.

First is the protective clothing for the eyes and face. Safety glasses, goggles, welding shields and face shields are used to shield our eyes and face from flying debris, chemical splattering, and laser beams.

Hard hats, are of course, protective accessory for the head to absorb shocks after hitting into a hard object such as beams.

Hazards from falling debris, electrical wirings, hot equipments or substances, and pointed edges may cause injuries on the arms and legs. The perfect protective clothing for the legs are leggings, safety shoes, and footwear guards. Same things might happen to the arms. There are many choices of gloves available and these are made from tough materials such as metal mesh, leather, and plastics which are insulated or chemical resistant.

The last kind of protective clothing is for the body and hearing. This includes jackets, body suits, vests or coats, and aprons for the body. Earmuffs or earplugs are used for the noisy working environments. These clothings are also made with different materials; leather, plastic, rubber to name a few.