The Budgeting Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebration and good cheer. However, the gifting and feasting can create tensions and cause debt.  Decide this Christmas I am going to have a debt free Christmas and I am not going to spend what I don’t have in hand. According to experts once you have made up your mind and follow the rules you set you will celebrate the festival and the weeks after the festival without worrying about unpaid bills.
Here are a few workable tips:
1. Create a budget and make a list of people you need to buy gifts for. Write down a specific amount for each name.
2. Try and make a few personalized gifts yourself. There are many beautiful ideas on the internet.
3. Before Christmas put away your credit card and keep with you only a debit card that has a low limit. Try and make most payments in cash.
4. Plan on buying most gifts on Black Friday when great discounts are available.
5. Another great idea for savings is to buy gifts online. Online stores offer greater discounts and competitive rates.
6. Decide with family and close friends on a maximum expenditure for gifts to be exchanged within the group. Or you could all collectively decide to make a donation to a favorite charity instead of buying gifts that are unlikely to be used.
7. Collect coupons sent to you by malls, credit card companies, and airport parking facilities. Use the coupons to get beautiful gifts at greater discounts.
8. Look for offers online like free shipping; buy one get one free offers, and gift vouchers.
9. Make celebrations more enjoyable by doing the decorations and cooking yourself. Share with others invite family members to cook with you collectively. Do the cooking along with song and jokes and the food will be ready in no time with the least amount of expenditure.
10. Think about opening a Christmas savings account so that you collect money each week and month for the season of cheer
Christmas is a time for giving and the season can bring great joy and happiness if the gifting is done without generation of debt. Celebrate Christmas in happiness and joy and don’t be afraid of what people will say. There are many ways to save: create a group and buy decorations in bulk at cheaper rates; make greeting cards yourself or buy from local charities off season; use last years decorations; be eco-friendly and use fewer electric lights; think about the warmth candles and a nice fire  provides; desist from using expensive ready made cake and cookie flour and make cakes and cookies the way your grandma used to.
If you decide to be innovative you can have a nice Christmas without overspending.
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