Coupon Tips and Policies and for Mid-michigan & Lansing Area Stores

If you use coupons, and live in the Mid-Michigan or Lansing area, this list will help you. It outlines the local area’s coupon policies. You’ll also find tips for using coupons at these stores and saving even more money.

Target takes manufacturer’s coupons as well as their own Target coupon. You can use a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon on the same item. Find Target coupons on their website at Also look for them in home-mailers, and the newspaper.

Meijer takes manufacturer coupons and occasionally you will find a Meijer store coupon in their stores. Most Meijers double coupons up to $.50, but with a limit of two like coupons doubled. However, politely ask the cashier if you can do multiple orders so that all of your coupons will be doubled. Or you may want to use the U-scan.

Kroger also take manufacturer and Kroger coupons. The Kroger stores in Lansing double coupons up to $.50 all the time, with no limit. A few Kroger stores near Owosso and Flint double coupons to a dollar, with a limit of three like coupons doubled. Occasionally, the Lansing Kroger stores will have a special weekend where they, too, will double coupons to a dollar. One of the best things about Kroger is that you can get money off gasoline the more you spend at Kroger, and it’s calculated from you pre-coupon total.

Walgreens takes manufacturer coupons and their own coupons. You can use one of each on one item. You will find their coupons in the stores and in their weekly circular. They also have a rebate system that is easy to use if you submit online.

Rite Aid takes manufacturer coupons and also has an easy online rebate system.

CVS takes manufacturer coupons and their own store coupons, and you can use one of each on the same item. They will also take competitor’s store coupons. With the Extra Care Bucks promotions, you can get great deals. You must have their store card to get the deals.

Aldis does not take coupons, but is by far the cheapest place to get most of your groceries.

Walmart takes manufacturers coupons. They will also match another store’s advertised sales if you bring in the ad. They will not match percent off, buy one get one free deals, or any advertisement that does not clearly state the sale price.

Dollar General takes manufacturer coupons and their own coupons that you can sometimes find in the stores.

Family Dollar takes manufacturer coupons and their own coupons. They occasionally have rebate promotions, too.

Dollar Tree does not take coupons.

L&L takes manufacturer coupons and doubles them to $.50 all the time.

Amy Guenther is a part time RN and full time mom. She enjoys saving money and helping others do the same. Visit her website at
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