Don’t want to clip coupons anymore? No Problem

Coupons have become big business in United States and Abroad, making up an almost 700 billion dollar a year industry, and over the last decade there have been some interesting changes in how we get our coupons. In 1908 C.W. post created the first coupon to promote a box of cereal, ever since that day, product manufacturers around the world have used coupons to help promote just about everything.

Most people do exactly what the manufacturers want, which are to use the coupon once, get familiarized with the product and then buy the product again at full price for a second and third time. This is where the savvy shopper can make a difference; by simply forgetting brand loyalty you can more easily take advantage of special product offers and coupons.

Since grocery coupons can really make a dent in your monthly supermarket bill, it is important to understand a little more about them. Traditionally, coupon clipping consists of getting your weekly coupon circular from inside your Sunday newspaper, scrolling from page to page to locate the coupons and finally cutting them out of the flyer with a pair of scissors.

Fortunately, the internet has made leaps and bounds in the grocery coupon arena. Today, you can print coupons off of your computer, search weekly store flyers online and order your groceries with the click of a mouse. Finding coupons online is easy, but finding the really good coupons requires a little bit of trial and error. Here are some tips and tricks to finding the best coupons online.  

Printable Coupons – only just recently becoming a viable option, now offers almost 100 different coupons at any give time. These coupons, which can be searched and printed from your home computer, are a great way to subsidize your coupon clipping. What most people don’t know is that the majority of all coupons only come from a handful of sites. is the main site, but the ones people often forget about are the manufacturer and retail store sites. Sites like Kellogs, Colgate, Betty Crocker and more have hundreds of coupons and promotional offers on their web sites. These coupons alone will not guarantee that you get huge savings, but they are a start.

Coupon Clipping Services – will clip coupons for you, yes, that’s right, imagine no more clipping. It is a pretty simple system, sign up, choose the coupons you want from over 500 selections and get the coupons you ordered in the mail. This easy to use service has a much better variety of coupons then printable coupon sites. In addition, you never need to worry whether or not your store will accept them since they are accepted at any store that takes coupons.

Digital Coupons – The internet has finally come of age, and digital coupons are starting to sprout up. If you shop at a Kroger store or one owned by Kroger, you are in luck since they have a digital coupon program that allows you upload coupons directly to your store loyalty card. Unfortunately, digital coupon usage is very limited, but hopefully in the future we will see a more wide range of availability.

In case coupon clipping isn’t a fun pastime for you and your family, don’t despair, you now have more options then ever to get your favorite supermarket coupons. Happy Online Clipping!

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