Get Online Discount Coupons and Enjoy Great Savings

et Online Discount Coupons and Enjoy Great Savings!

More than 70 percent people in the U.S. avail coupon discounts to save money and around 85 percent use coupons to buy grocery and consumer goods.

The idea of coupons to be used as promotional tool was conceived by C. W. Post. In 1909, he offered a coupon worth one cent to his customers on every purchase of Grape-Nut. It is believed that since then coupons have been widely used for business promotion. Coupons help in product advertisement, brand promotion, and sales.

Coupons are distributed to various customers through magazines, newspapers, and emails. Nowadays most popular form of distributing coupons is the Internet. This is because millions of people access the Internet on a daily basis and it also helps companies save their money spent on printing and postal cost. To launch a successful coupon promotion campaign, a company must study the market, its competitors, consumer psychology, its share in the market, and also size of its customer base. Furthermore, the coupon must be professionally designed and striking so as to appeal to the end user and strengthen your brand awareness efforts.

Types of Coupon Deals

Various types of coupons are used to boost sales. Take a look:

ÿ Manufacturer Coupons: As the name suggests, manufacturer coupons are created by the product manufacturing company for product promotion and to boost sales. These coupons can be distributed through mail-in forms, direct-mailers, newspapers, magazines, package inserts, and online surveys. The customer takes the coupon to the store and gets a discount and the manufacturer pays face value of the coupon to the store owner.

ÿ Retailer Coupons: Retailer coupons are particularly targeted to customers in a specified area. In these coupons, the manufacturing company gives the coupons to the retailers and also pays the cost of advertisement to distribute these coupons. The retailer can decide to distribute coupons in store’s advertisement in newspapers, its newsletters, or even email. Retailer coupons help retailers to increase their sales and enhance customer loyalty.

ÿ Online Printable Coupons: These are the latest form of coupons used nowadays. The manufacturing company displays its printable coupons on their website and the consumers can simply visit their site, print them, and use them.

Printable coupons are also available on websites offering coupon deals online, such as On coupon websites, users need to register to access all kinds of coupons in one site. These sites are a great way to access hundreds of discount coupons in various consumer products categories.

ÿ Linked Coupons: Linked coupon is a URL on clicking which the user is directed to the product on which discount is being offered. The discount is provided at the time of check out.

ÿ Coupon Codes: In this type of coupon, an alphanumeric code is given to the user. The user needs to enter this code on the product site while completing the order and payment process. Depending on the website’s payment process, the code needs to be entered at shopping cart page, the order review page, or at check out. ÿ On-pack Coupons: On pack coupons are discounts coupons offered on the pack when the customer buys product. A great percentage of buyers make their buying decisions while shopping that depends on the price, brand, product awareness, and promotional offers. On-pack promotional discount coupons are therefore truly effective to influence the buyer as these are redeemed instantly when the buyer makes the payment.

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