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Online shoppers look for deals. In fact, 49 percent of those who bring goods online use a coupon or a promotion code, according to a Consumer E-mail Study, conducted in 2007. By creating an online coupon deal, you can persuade more online and offline purchases.

Make a note of one thing you have to start by delivering value to them through your coupons. More than 70 percent of U.S. Consumers believe coupons save them a good amount of money, according to a recent survey by NCH Marketing Services. When it compares, online shopping is much more convenient than offline, present exceptional deals in your online coupons to trigger higher redemption rates.

By taking advantage of your capability you can narrow your target recipients. It is better to find Web sites that focus on niche topics instead of placing an insert in a local newspaper or some industry magazine. You can also advertise in their e-mail newsletters or with skyscraper ads and text links on their sites.

Imagine, you sell outdoor adventure gear. Instead of promoting a “10 to 25 percent off” coupon in an outdoor magazine, you try to specify “10 percent off cycling equipment” on a racing Web site, and “25 percent off fly-fishing gear” on a fishing site. This kind of targeting improves your conversion rate, which lowers per-customer marketing costs.

Remember to reward your own Web site visitors, and they’ll thank you with repeat sales on your website.  Network Solutions coupons encourage prospects to opt in to your contact database and influence your current customers to buy more from you anyhow. The lifetime value of your customers will grow since you’ll no longer pay marketing dollars to achieve the new revenue.

There are very reasonable Network Solutions coupons that include a coupon executive feature. This also lets you make coupons for your own Web site. For less than $100 per month, both and also Yahoo! Network Solutions coupons offer an online coupon tool. Just think about sending coupons along with your monthly newsletter or order-confirmation e-mails. You can easily put off people from opting out by preventing the number of times you e-mail them coupons.

As more and more shoppers move to the Internet, they’ll be searching for hot offers. Help them find Network Solutions coupons, and then offer them nonstop incentives to shop at your site again.

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