Planning A Wedding On A Budget – Wedding Budgeting Tips For You

Planning a wedding on a budget, by far is the easiest things, if you have some presence of mind and responsibility towards your well earned money. Wedding is certain an expensive event, even like buying your home. If you do not plan properly, you are likely to confront a lifetime disaster after wedding, and things can become sour. Therefore a wedding planning guide is necessary.

Of course wedding planning guides, both in the form of books and counseling agents are available in the virtual world, as well as in your neighborhood. Therefore realize this budget planning is an important exercise, as important as choosing your bride. You can access more free wedding planning tips for free at

Consider the following seven wedding budgeting tips, before you plan out your wedding.

Make sure you have a set budget. Include in this budget, who is going to meet which expenses. Take into account the money at your disposal from your family, earmarked for the wedding, as well as the amount you can spend. This will be your estimate for the budget, which you should stick to. Paying by credit card is a better option, for your services and purchases. This will protect you from any possible closure of the company before your goods are delivered, as credit cards do have policies to ensure you get your money back. Planning a wedding on a Budget should be handled with care since you have to spend lots of money for a number of things. List out services and good, prioritize spending on each item on the list, decide which one is important for you, and go for them immediately. First important things should be bought, and if there are some little things which can be ignored which you may not be able to afford, ignore them. First important things should be in place, remember your wedding is a special day for you. There are a number of professional service providers you have to hire, like a videographer, photographer, or a DJ, from whom you should get written estimates. Make sure the bills you receive are according to the estimates, and don’t go beyond. With a lot of facilities like special wedding loans, easy swiping of credit cards, you can easily pile up lots of debts for your wedding. This is bad way to start a married life. Therefore stick to money you have on hand, and cut down on things not needed, to avoid a wedding debt. Planning a wedding budget requires a lot of forethought. If you don’t know how to execute this, then go to and learn more. Each guest that attends your wedding means expenses to you – his food, drinks, favors, cutlery etc. So, have the guest list sized up. This is a great way to save money. Try to pay for the wedding yourself, though your parents or family people can extend a helping hand. When you are paying for your wedding you can have the authority to say no for some things.

Paying for the wedding on your own insures, despite offers from family members that you are in control and you can say no to unwanted advice as well.

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