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There are an estimated 1,355,110,631 internet users as of May 2008 and that number is growing by the second! With that, you can be certain that there are absolutely a hundred ways to make money and achieve success online. But surely, you cannot just be successful over night when you want to. They say that a successful person knows when to ask for help. And online business is not an exemption to this strategy.


You can find a thousand e-books about self-improvement, success, and money-making. Most authors have put together integrated formula based on their own experiences and all the other sources they’ve captured. These books can be of great help if you want to succeed online. Some of them are for free so you can download them anytime without investing a single dime on it. Just make sure that before you sit and read any book, check the comments about the book first. Time is gold and you have to make sure it is worth wasting your gold on it.


One of the ways to earn online is to write an e-book. Some people will sell their e-books for a minimum amount, others may just give it away for free to get traffic for their site or affiliate links. Selling it in a minimum amount doesn’t put you in any disadvantage since you did not invest a fortune on it so there is absolutely no loss at all.


Once you’ve released your e-book, the income or benefit doesn’t end there. You can always dissect the contents of your e-book to make 10-20 articles out of it. All you need to do is to collate the data, make a good first and last paragraph, and you’ve already got yourself 10-20 nice articles. Or you can also do it the other way around. You can write one article at a time. You can write different topics under the same niche; and before you know it, you’ve already got yourself an e-book.


Getting help through partnership is never out of style. It is also one of the ways for you to succeed online. Like an actor needs an agent, you also need to have a partner; someone who can either teach you or learn with you. The bottom point is- two heads are always better than one. You can always talk and share about what you know, compare which one has the better idea and strategy, and then you can also divide the efforts so it’s less hassle for both of you. Fifty-fifty in everything! This always works as long as you can trust your partner and you can get along with each other.


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