Budget your trip

Here’s another way to save money, this time time it’s about how to budget your trip.

I discovered a free online tool that will help you estimate, budget, and track your expenses for your next vacation. It’s aptly named Budget Your Trip.

So here are the ways to budget and track expenses for your next vacation:

Estimate Your Costs

Budget Your Trip accumulates actual travel expenses incurred by real travelers, who are members of the Budget Your Trip community. The expenses you input on your next trip will become part of the daily averages listed (anonymously of course, unless you choose to make your trip available for public viewing).

By amalgamating all user expenses, you can estimate the cost of your next trip. You can see the average daily costs by city or by country, and convert those costs to your own currency. Estimations are further broken down by category (such as accommodation, local transportation, food, entertainment, tours, etc).

Create Your Trip

Once you sign up for Budget Your Trip (it’s free), you can create your own trip on the site. Input your own estimated expenses in a variety of comprehensive categories, using the estimates as a guideline, and customizing it to your preferences.

Track Your Trip

Next, go on your vacation. Keep track of your expenses by inputting your actual expenditures into the program. You can itemize and describe your expenses in as much or as little detail as you wish.