Selling structured settlements

You may have just finished a long court case as an injury victim and received a structured settlement. There are now cash option for structured settlements. It is simple and must be approved by a judge when a finance company offers to buy them. A need must be shown and the judge must act in your best interest by law.

There are companies set up called structured factoring or structured finance companies. These companies are in business to make profits, so you do lose some long-term value and get a less amount than if you wait for the payments over time. They buy future payments in exchange for cash. They will give you large amounts of cash for your future payments, go to court with their own staff and help you get the court order needed to make this cash transaction happen. In most cases you must appear before the judge also. This is all guided by a good settlement purchase company. The entire process on average can take 30-90 days to complete and get the lump sum of cash in your hands.

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