Save money with gas saving tips

The prices of petroleum products are soaring high, here in our country almost every week the prices of gasoline and diesel increases. So today, it’s important to pay attention to the little things that can help your car to run more efficiently, which in turn can help you save money. You can turn this into a win-win situation for you and for your car.

The first tip to saving money on your car is keeping it’s engine properly tuned up. I learned that a car engine that isn’t running efficiently can use up to 30% more fuel than a car engine that is properly tuned. It’s important to follow your car manufacturer’s guidelines for servicing your car.

Check if your tires are properly inflated. An under inflated tires will cause you to burn more gasoline. Make sure that your tires are kept in alignment. This will help you car to handle better also.

Avoid running the engine unnecessarily. If you are going to be waiting for someone, or sitting in your car turn it off. Turn on the cars only when needed, the cars of today don’t need to be warmed up in the morning like the cars our parents used to drive.

Save 15% more fuel by driving the posted speed limit. Also, use your cruise control when you can, this keeps your speed steady. Avoid sudden and extreme accelerations, these use fuel needlessly.

Properly scheduled your errands, don’t double back from store to store, it’s a real waste of gasoline, and time. Set up a car pool. With the price of gas a work car pool makes more sense than ever.