Charity Credit Cards

Charity credit cards offer you a great opportunity to support your favourite charity just by spending money. There are a large amount of charities that have credit cards nowadays, and they all offer different rewards when you spend. For example, with some charity credit cards the charity receives a set amount of money for every transaction that you make using that card. Let’s take a look at some of the best charity credit cards currently on offer to residents of the United Kingdom.


Oxfam is one of the most well known charities in the UK today, and they have a charity credit card system. For every account that is opened, Oxfam receive £15. This may seem like a very small amount, but it really can make a difference. If your account is used within six months of it being opened then Oxfam receive another £2.50, and as well as this, for every £100 that you spend on your charity credit card, Oxfam receive 25p.


Greenpeace are another well known charity that offer a charity credit card system. The charity donations from the Greenpeace charity credit card are much the same as Oxfam. Greenpeace receive £15 for every account opened, £2.50 when the account is used within six months, and 25p for every £100 spent. The Greenpeace card itself is made of a special plastic that has eliminated the use of toxic chemicals.

Save The Children

Save The Children is a very well known charity in the United Kingdom, and they too offer a charity credit card system. As with the previous cards mentioned, Save The Children receive £15 per account opened, £2.50 when the card is used within 6 months, and 25p for every £100 spent on the card. Just 25p would be enough money to buy exercise books for three children in Tibet, so it is certainly worth it.

The cards mentioned above are just three out of many. If you want to own a charity credit card then it is worth researching your favourite charity to see if they have a credit card system in place. If they are a well established charity then it is very likely that they will, and you can help your favourite charity simply by using the charity credit card.

The best place to start your research is on the internet. Go to your favourite charity’s website, and see if there is any mention of a charity credit card. If there is, then you should be able to apply for one online, or visit the charity itself. A charity credit card gives you a great opportunity to help your favourite charity every time you spend money. Every penny counts for some of these charities so it is definitely worth looking into.

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