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It’s always confusing when you’re trying to choose the right credit card or loan for you.  With adverts on T.V and e-mail galore, it can be easy to be lured into choosing something that actually, is not a good deal at all.

That’s why we at The Money Express have created a site JUST FOR YOU. We have searched the web for the best deals on the market and compiled a list for you to choose from.  Our motto simply is; why pay more when you can pay less?

We’re not a big site like, but we pride ourselves on being a small close knit team, who know our clients individually, should they get in touch with us about anything really!

We also have a debt management programme if you really want some free debt advice with no prejudices that simply look no further.

Here are just a few things that we cover;

– We compare good credit cards, bad credit cards, credit cards for people who work, credit cards for students, credit cards for the elderly, credit cards for bad crediting rating, pre-paid credit cards, top up credit cards, free credit cards.

-We compare good loans, bad credit loans, loans for students, high apr loans, low apr loans, good apr loans, payday loans, advance loans, loans paying back after 60 months, loans for people with bad credit rating.

-We compare savings bank accounts, basic bank accounts, current bank accounts, bank accounts for students and bank accounts for everyone!

-We compare pet insurance, we compare travel insurance, we compare van insurance, we compare business insurance, we compare life insurance, we compare bike or motorcycle insurance, we compare house/home insurance, we compare all types of insurance.

-We compare mortgages, we compare bad mortgages, we compare good mortgages, equity release and re-mortgage options.

-We compare utility bills, compare gas electric bills, gas bills, electric bills.

…and much more…come see for yourselves!!!

– Debt relief programme – IVA’s, Trust Deeds, Bankruptcy, Debt Management Plans

Come log onto our site now! –

To chat to other people regarding debt and money issues, please click on the link below to sign up to our forum!

To visit our friends who offer a brilliant debt management programme with things like IVA’s, bankruptcy and trust deeds as get out of debt fast relief, then please go to

The Money Express is a U.K site that compares things such as credit cards, loans, mortgages, bank accounts, insurance and utility bills.
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