A Primer On Instant Decision Credit Cards

The process of applying for a credit card can often be a long once.

After the the application form has been filled in (a time-consuming task in itself) consumers are often left waiting to hear whether they’ve been accepted for weeks at which point they may not have time to complete the process.

For this reason, instant decision credit cards are proving increasingly popular, particularly for consumers with a blemish-free credit record.

Instant decision credit cards also have the advantage of encompassing a whole range of standard credit card types.

For example, some 0% balance transfer credit cards are available through an instant decision process which could potentially save those who are paying high-interest debts on other credit cards money in the long term.

Finally, since instant decision credit cards tend to use the major credit reference agencies – such as Equifax – to make their decisions, it can be easier to predict the lender’s decision than with a traditional credit card application.

This is because consumers are able to view these credit records themselves.

Obviously, this is still not as fair a system as allowing consumers to view the credit cards that they are eligible for before making potentially harmful applications in the first place but it is an interesting loophole.

The ‘instant decision’ process runs online application forms through a bank or building society’s secure servers to check the credit worthiness of the applicant in a matter of minutes.

The personal information of the applicant is highly encrypted – shielding their details from hackers.

Successful applicants for choose to compare credit cards for an instant decision are generally over 18, on the electoral roll, with a functioning UK bank account and a clean bill of credit health.

For this reason, instant decision credit cards are not – as is sometimes claimed – a quick way for those with poor credit ratings to borrow money quickly and ill-advisedly.

In fact, since rejected credit card applications can have a negative impact on a credit file, instant decision credit cards should only be considered by those who feel that they fit the lending criteria for the credit card that they are applying for more than adequately.

In all, although applying for instant decision credit cards is meant to be easy consumers should be aware that a lack of preparation – in particular, ensuring that they meet the lending criteria – can backfire.

However, instant decision credit cards to cover a wide range of credit card types and are an excellent option for many consumers.

Julia Kukiewicz is a staff writer for the news and reviews website credit card comparison online. The website has tools available to help consumers to compare instant decision credit cards.
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