Credit Card Processing Terminals:

A Credit Card processing terminal is a device that does transactions with a Debit Card or a Credit Card. In simpler terms, a machine that reads your Credit Card information to pay your bill at check out  – when you go shopping, buy tickets at a movie theater or a gas pump is known as a Credit Card Processing Terminal.

It has become a necessity for merchants to have at least once Credit Card processing terminal for various kind of Credit Cards; like Visa, Discover, Master Card or American Express.

The only time a merchant wouldn’t need a Credit Card processing terminals is when they only accept payments though checks or cash. Now this is something, which is almost impossible because a merchant would loose out on 99%of their clients, if they do not accept Credit Cards.

There are three ways how a Credit Card can be swiped or information keyed in at a Credit Card Processing Terminal. You should also be aware how that works.

–    The original method used to charge Credit Cards was by swiping the Card in the swiping slot. This swipe the picks up your Card number and then sends it for an approval to your Credit Card Company through phone line, satellite or cellular networks.

–    When a Credit Card Processing Terminal does not reads your Card when swiped (probably because the magnetic stripe is damaged); the merchant can key in your Credit Card number to make the transaction.

–    The newest method is when Credit Card Processing Terminals use radio frequency waves to run through the transaction. You just need to wave your Card in front of the Card reader and your payment would be made.

I’m sure you’re now wondering how important Credit Card Processing Terminals are at this point in time.

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