Bankruptcy – The consequence of defaulting on credit card debt

With downturn in economic conditions, many people got mounted with debt due to loss of job, rise in cost of living expenses. With increased living expenses and loss of job, many people started to live on credit cards for their necessities. Debt start mounting as they continuously rely on the credit cards for months to years without income and not able to pay lead to defaulting.

Mounting debt cause stress to borrower as the creditor continuously keeps calling in an effort to collect debt. Walking away from debt is worst option for handling debt because defaulting on debt lead to many consequences. You may be thinking that credit card debt is unsecured debt and as such it is unlikely that some one will show up at your home and repossess valuables or serve you with foreclosure notice. Yes, what you said is true, but credit card users have many other options through which they can make your life miserable or collect money from you. Here are the ways through which they make your life miserable. Go through them for a while and then decide whether you should stop making payments or not. 

Therefore to avoid such consequences, best thing you must do is contact a debt relief service provider to help you get out of debt with not risk or visit for more information.

Once you stop making payments, they start reporting to credit reporting agencies where list the defaults on your credit report. The moment defaults are listed on your credit report, your credit score gets dropped which will cause serious consequences in your daily life.

When you are about to open a new line of credit, the creditor will assess whether to lend you or not through checking credit report. The moment he notices defaults on your credit report, he feels risk in lending you. Therefore to cover that risk new creditor will raise interest rates. Many credit cards issuers usually charge around 30 percent for borrower with bad credit history. And the worse scenario is when you default on one card then according to universal default policy; all other credit card issuer will raise the interest rate which will cause you devastating effect on your finance.

Along with raise in interest rate, the cost of insurance will also jump as the insurance companies also check credit history while generating insurance score. Therefore bad credit risks more insurance cost.

Bad credit history will also impact you in getting better job in future because employers also check the credit reports before making a hiring decision. A negative mark reported by creditor on the credit report for non payment of debt will raise the questions against the applier and will become less attractive for the employer.

Bad credit also influence on your chances of getting better home or apartment on rent. As the landlords do credit check before renting, having a negative remark on report will make them think about renting to you. To cover the risk associated with; they raise the cost or keep you away from the places that are in demand.

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