How do I know if I have the best business credit card?

The best credit card will bring a host of offers along with it. But, if you are living in the UK, you should be careful as not all credit cards are going to offer similar benefits. You should carefully look for the benefits that will come along with the credit card and weigh that against the payments that will need to be made.

Ensure that the typical APR charged is the lowest which could start from as low as 15.9% to be as high as 34.9%. To make sure you have the best credit card, you should also check if the specified credit card offers balance transfer that entitles the borrower to merge the credit card debts into one single card which turns out to get less interest charged to it. Whilst doing so, look for the fees that balance transfers are charged which could be as high as 3%. However, there are credit cards that can be got with Balance Transfer fee at 0%.

Credit cards come with an introductory interest free time frame. This could fetch interest free credit for up to 16 months, which is a relatively long time.

With a low interest credit card, there is not going to be a likelihood of getting trapped in the cycle of interest rates that are higher than the initial principal borrowed.

Cash back credit cards will be able to put back money in the wallet rather than the other way round. If the credit rating ranges from good or excellent then there will be Cash Back offered on the Credit Card which could be 5% of purchases for the first three months and then a fixed amount. There is the offer of 0% Purchase Cards which does not require one to pay interest on new purchases.

Besides these incentives, Credit Cards also offer other incentives such as Frequent Flyer programs that enable the accumulation of airline mileage and can be exchanged for discounted tickets or gifts. This results in a great deal of savings. Also, there are quite a few rewards in the realm of freebees and discounts at reputed stores and malls.

In case there is a need to control spending on one’s Credit Card then the option of a Prepaid and Debit Credit Card will bring along with it no bank account needed or credit card history checked.

Peter Carville is a freelance article writer who writes for Financial Facts about the current financial news and the credit crunch.

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