Smart way to use Credit Card

The year ending always come with high expenditures, whether you want to buy new clothes for New Year party, new furniture for your home or anything else. And if you are among those who use your credit card frequently, you would be well to steer clear of following pitfalls.

1) Read the fine prints: Mostly people are not aware of the rate of interest, charges, and offers available on their credit card. Lack of knowledge & awareness about the products results in miss usage of credit card.

2) Minimum amount due: The credit card users are in impression that paying minimum due amount every month will reduce their outstanding amount. Whereas, it actually pushes one into a debt trap. The card issuer considers the remaining balance to be overdue and charges a heavy interest, which could vary from 42-49% per annum. Given this, the debt burden is unlikely to be eased by paying the minimum amount due.

3) Pending disputes: Whenever a dispute arise against our credit card, the credit card issuer follow us through phone calls or by text message, but we simple ignore them and as a result at the time of payment late payment fees and other penalty charges are due on us.

4) Drawing cash from credit card: With your credit card you can withdraw cash through ATM but it is not advisable, as the interest charged on it is quite high. There is a misconception that the interest on the amount withdrawal will be charged after 45 days but very few knows this that the interest will be charged from the same day.

5) Overdrawing credit limit: Keep a check on the credit limit of your credit card. Using your credit card above your credit limit will result in huge charges.

So, to enjoy festive in a happy mood do remember the above pointers.

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