Where to find great deals on musical instruments

Are you looking for great deals on musical instruments? Check out Musician’s Friend, they have the world’s largest assortment of new guitars, basses and amps online by far. They strive to offer a range of products for beginners and professional musicians. Aside from the music instruments, you will also find accessories that will expand the variety of sounds that you can incorporate into your playing, also at usicians friend, you can use coupons that can help you save money on drum kits, keyboards, guitars, microphones, or mixing boards. With their wide selection of products, you will certainly find an option that meets your musical needs and budget.

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Are you being frugal or cheap?

Here are the differences between cheap and rrugal according to Erik Folgate of moneycrashers.com


Looking for deals and taking advantage of sales and promotions when you were already planning on purchasing something
Delaying pleasure and instant gratification to make a big purchaseNot making a point to tell friends and family every time you saved money
Not obsessed with brands
Does not sacrifice quality to buy something only because it is cheaper


Your cheapness affects the quality of life of others such as spouse or family
Your basic needs are of lesser quality
You never splurge a little when you have the money to spend
You will sacrifice quality to buy what is the cheapest

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